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" The Sand Pebbles "  …  Movie trailer of one of the best, classic sailor movies of all time  [Released 20 Dec 1966]

****  China, 1926. The country is torn by revolution and exploited by foreigners. Jake Holman [Steve McQueen], an American sailor who serves as an engineer aboard the U.S.S. San Pablo, a gunboat which patrols the Yangtze River simply to maintain an American presence in China, wants no part of the whole messy situation and would prefer to simply stay below deck and keep the engines running. He is more at home with machines than people. He is forced to get involved when the gunboat is sent to rescue a group of missionaries upriver at the China Light Mission. Holman is made a part of the landing party and assigned to escort the missionaries back to the safety of the San Pablo. The spiritual life espoused at the mission affects him and draws him out of his shell. For once in his life, he feels a sense of belonging and falls in love with one of the missionaries, young Shirley Eckert [Candice Bergen], drawn to her innocence and compassion.



Illustration by George Pavis

For La Vie Parisienne


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" Catching the Hat "  …  ’The June Log’, US Naval Academy Publication [Circa 1926] … Cover Art by:  Gordon D. Kissam, Class of ‘24, USNA

[Sailor Gil Collection]

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" Drifting " 


1920 sheet music

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Dan Smith - “A Mermaid’s Afternoon Tea” (May 30, 1926)


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 Den Haag Holland

"Bij de wedstrijd van de Regenboogklasse",

Hem p.van der 1928

(92.000 e)

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La Vie Parisenne


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" Submarine on a Leisurely Sail Back to Port "  …  On 1 May 1921, the USS R-14 (SS-91) runs out of fuel at sea and makes port with makeshift sails of bed sheets; was underway on sail power for 4 days.


" At The Beach " 


Dodo Burgner


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Harold Lloyd, French poster for A Sailor-Made Man, 1921

(I love the boat shoes)


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Bain Nocturne __ Eclipse _

Georges Léonnec



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" The Moonlight Bathers "  …  Silhouette illustration by Artist: Pierrot from the June 24, 1925 issue of “The Sketch” magazine (UK)  …  [Sailor Gil Collection]

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Water Police, Josef Geis, Jugend magazine, 1926.


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Treasure, 1925, Norman Lindsay. (1879 - 1969)

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