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" British Warship Diagram "  …  Ship-of-the-Line


" Jack "  …  Book Cover Illustration of a German edition [Circa 1890] of F. Marryat’s ‘Midshipman Easy’


" Midshipman of the Royal Navy "  …  Circa 1799 by Thomas Rowlandson

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" Vue de Saigon "   …  Albumen Silver Print [1866] by Photographer:  Emile Gsell, French


 Russell Crowe as Captain Jack Aubrey in 2003 film “Master & Commander” 

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" The Flying Fish of Boston "  …  Artist:  Jan de Quelery, Holland


" Port of Genoa — 1870 "  

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Artist:  Ryan Mutter, UK

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HMS Victory, Portsmouth

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J.Sidney Willis Hodges: Lord Hood of Avalon as a Midshipman (Watercolour ca. 1860)

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" Chinese Port of Foochow in 1860 and present day Fuzhou Skyline " 

Foochow, on the Min River, was the starting point of many of the Tea Clipper Races of the 1860’s … The story is here: 

" HMS Lancaster "  …  At the Cape of Good Hope [Circa 1800] … A watercolor executed by and contained in the diary of Seaman George Hodge …… George was 13 years old when he went to sea and started his diary in 1790 !!


" Black Jacks "   ….   Author:   W. Jeffrey Bolster



The Art of Cornelis De Vries

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