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Ugo Flumiani (1876-1938), View of Grado at Night, Looking towards Trieste

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Charles Murray Padday (1868–1954), A Mermaid.

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" la naissance d’une sirene "  …  Artrist:  Christian Pendelio


" The Sailor Musician [Detail] "  …  Artist: William Henry Midwood [1873] 

" The Sailor Musician [Detail] "  …  Artist: William Henry Midwood [1873] 

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Cutting through waves of a sea that had historically walled Japan in and the world out, Yoshida Shoin, a young Samurai teacher, rides in 1854 to a meeting with Commodore Matthew C. Perry, the commander of Yankee warships that have shattered the nation’s seclusion.  ”Take me to America,” Yoshida asks, convinced that Japan needs to study Western technology to survive.

Painting by Kinuko Y. Craft, from National Geographic magazine, June 1984.

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" The Wedding "  …  Mermaid and Alligator, acrylic painting in vintage frame by Artist:  Emmy Lincoln (aka Itchy Soul)



Giulio Aristide Sartorio, La Sirena, 1893

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" Sunset Over The Sea "  …  Claude Monet  [Circa 1862-64], pastel and gouache on beige paper.


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Sea Maidens by Thomas Bromley Blacklock

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" The World Beyond "  …  Artist:  Remedios Varo


" Troubadour "  …  Artist: Remedios Varo  [1959]


" A Mermaid Feeding Her Young "  …  From the workshop of Giulio Romano [Circa 1540] … Royal Collection, London



Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (Swedish, 1884-1965), Matroser [Sailors]. Oil on panel, 43.5 x 34.5 cm.

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'Regatta's in the Mediterranean', 1973 - Lucien Fontanarosa (1912 -1975)

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