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BB-38 [Sister Ship to the USS Arizona] … Info: 

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" Shave and a Haircut "  …  The ship’s barbers doing their thing aboard a British Battleship during World War One … Image:  © IWM (Q 18036)  


" Crossroads of the Pacific "  …  A Hawaiian Cruise [Circa 1936], US Navy Film  (10 Minutes)

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" Dropping Anchor "  ….  USS Iowa BB-61  [Circa 1951]

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" Hell Bomb Tattoo "  ….  Shop Banner by Matt Scanlan

" Kendo "


Japanese sailors fencing, ca. 1910 - 1915

(by The Library of Congress)

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" USS Idaho (BB-42) in Floating Drydock "  ….  WWII, Guam, Circa 1944/45

" USS Idaho (BB-42) in Floating Drydock "  ….  WWII, Guam, Circa 1944/45

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" Tight Squeeze — USS Iowa in the Miraflores Lock, Panama Canal, 2001 "

The USS Iowa crosses the Panama Canal at Miraflores Lock near Panama City, Panama Wednesday, March 28, 2001. At 108.2 feet wide, the Iowa-class battleships are the largest vessels ever to scrape their way through the 110-foot-wide locks of the canal. They were designed so that they could just fit through the waterway. (AP Photo/Tomas Munita)

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" Laundry Day At Sea "


Bob Jensen

Sailors of the USS Wisconsin, 1957 

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" Man of War Row, Shanghai, China, 1939 " ….. Naval vessels from many countries are moored off the Bund in the Whangpoo River in Shanghai.  [These photos, when placed side-by-side, create a panoramic view of the river scene] 


" Keep America Strong "  …. Poster, celebrating 60th year anniversary of 3M’s Scotch vinyl electrical tape ….. Design by: Proof Advertising, Audtin TX

"USS Connecticut BB-18"  ….. During Sea Trials, 1905 ….. Photo by: Enrique Muller

"Sailor with Ukelele" ….. Sheet Music Cover [Circa 1918]


"If I Could Turn Back Time" …… Cher

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