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" Mermaid Kazzie and Little Friend " 




Chillin seagull.

Beautiful seagulls, lion of the air, king of animals, gracefullest of the fauna, almighty!

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Black and Wild :)

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" Mermaid Kat "  …  Katrin Felton [former Miss Germany - 2006]


" Eva "  …  Advertising/Calendar [2008]


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Hannah Fraser is a professional underwater mermaid, creating her own functional yet highly exquisite mermaid tails. A dedicated Ocean activist, Hannah travels the world performing at everything from charity projects to commercial ventures to bring awareness to the ocean and it’s precious animal life. 

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" Five Boys Having a Ball on the Beach " 

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" Seashell on Siesta Key "  …  Photo by:  moyceh (c) on Flickr

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It’s been pretty cold here at Skaket beach on Cape Cod.

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" Bathing Beauties "  …  Woodblock Print,  Japan


Artist Unknown

" Bathing Beauties "  …  Woodblock Print,  Japan


Artist Unknown

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" Tropical Moon " 

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