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Mermaids, beautiful mermaids.

Initial selection of beauties for Fathers Retinue is made at Long Beach where the city will be turned over to the denizens of the sea during “Neptune’s Extravaganza.” The Civic Aquatic fate will be held on May 6th with its entire pageant afloat. Back to front in this pretty group of Long Beach mermaids, Alice Glenn, Ruby Higgins, Melva Carson, Bea Hiltz, and Arville Von Kapp. Date: April13, 1933

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Alamitos Bay in Late afternoon.

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Ocean Lightning, Pacifica, California

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" The Islander "  …  Matchbook, 1960’s, Los Angeles

" The Islander "  …  Matchbook, 1960’s, Los Angeles



The Tropics of Beverly Hills ~ vintage match book cover.  via

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Disneyland Submarine Lagoon Mermaids c. 1960’s


Disneyland Submarine Lagoon Mermaids c. 1960’s

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" Mermaid Jesse "  …  Photographer:  Klaus Lange

"Art Deco Mermaid — Avalon Casino "  …  Mural originally designed in 1929 by John Gabriel Beckman and painted on concrete … In 1986 the mural was executed in tile by RTK Studios.

See the beautiful close-up of the tiled mural here:   (Click on the image)


Photos from this morning at the beach. Southern California isn’t a bad place to be in winter. See source link to see the entire set on my site. 

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Using only a rake, San Francisco artist Andreas Amador works his magic on California beaches.

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"We are WILDCOAST" is a 2 minute peak into the world of North America’s most dynamic ocean conservation group. With a passionate and dedicated team of ocean conservationists they speak for the ocean when it is in need of a voice. The programs they manage make a difference in a measurable way. They are the real deal, busting their asses and making noise when needed or working the press conferences and lobbying politicians in the US and Mexico. 
My introduction to WiLDCOAST came via their "clean water now" campaign in the South Bay of San Diego in 2006. They are an essential organization doing great things up and down the Pacific Coast of the USA and Mexico.

" Mermaid and Sailor " … Linoleum-cut Block-print by Artist:  Sonia Romero of Los Angeles