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" This Sailor Is In Love "  …  Vintage Portrait

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" Anna Lucasta "  …  Sailor Sammy Davis, Jr and Eartha Kitt star in this 1958 film with an all black cast.


" Welcome Home Sailor "  …  Sailor is greeted by his significant other, upon arrival of his ship after an absence of seven months.  [U-T San Diego Photo]


" A Sailor and His Girl "  …  Vintage Photobooth Portrait

" A Sailor and His Girl "  …  Vintage Photobooth Portrait


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" Sailor and His Girlfriend "  ….  French Greeting Card [Circa 1900]


Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its color.

Separation by W.S.Merwin (discovered via andresia)


" I just now discovered that an old girlfriend from my high school days has died and then this quote appeared on my dash !! "  …  SailorGil

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First project for illustration this year… it’s the story of a stranded sailor sending letters to his girlfriend back home, and a lonely mermaid finding them and thinking they were for her. I thought it was a cute idea, and decided to draw it. Will probably make some small changes later and repost.


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Short Film "DAMER" (WOMEN) from Christian Eaglecastle on Vimeo.

" Women — You can’t live without them.  They’re hard to live with, but impossible to live without. "   …..  Film Quote 

While aboard his boat, a lonely sailor envelops himself with many women, while trying to forget a lost girlfriend and in the end, he succeeds !! 

" Sailor & Girlfriend — Hawaii, 1940’s "  …  Studio Photo

" A Sailor’s Love "

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" He’s sailing away and leaving my me behind !! “


Art by Alberto Vargas

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" Sailor and Girlfriend "  …  Chalkware Figures, Circa 1941