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Yendi Phillips — Miss Jamaica World (2007), Miss Universe 1st Runner-Up (2010)

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" Island Girl " 

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" Diamond Head "  …  Vintage Photograph [Circa 1920’s] by:  ”Williams Studio, Honolulu, T.H.” which is stamped on the reverse … The photographer, James J. Williams, started his business in Hawaii in 1879 and he died in 1926  …  [Flea Market Find]

[Sailor Gil Collection] 


" The Ama Diving For Abalone "  …  Original Hokusai (1760 – 1849) Japanese Woodblock Print


" Island Girl "  

" Island Girl "  

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Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island Map (1883), one of 100 diagrams that changed the world.

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" Coconut Beach " 

" Coconut Beach " 

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" The Blue Cave "  …  Island Bisevo, Croatia



Happy Birthday Hawaii

Aloha!  Today is Hawaiian Statehood Day, when Hawaii’s admission as the 50th state occurred on August 21, 1959.  Here’s a brief history lesson: In 1898 the United States annexed Hawaii as one of its spoils from its victory in the Spanish-American war.  The United States had a vested interest in the islands for some time, coveting its strategic placement as a navy base.  During World War II, Oahu served as a command post for US operations in the Pacific, as large portions of the region were turned over to US military bases. After the war, two-thirds of the residents favored statehood.  However, resistance to Hawaiian statehood was plentiful, particularly in the segregated south.  A primary election took place in Hawaii on June 27, 1959, and various statehood propositions received many votes on that day. Following the certification of the election results, President Eisenhower signed a proclamation on August 21, 1959, declaring Hawaii to be the 50th state.

-Wendy Jimenez, Archival Fellow

Top: Brochure from the World’s Fair Collection at the Queens Museum. Gift of Michael Shernoff, 1988.89.44WF64.

Bottom: Photo from the World’s Fair Collection at the Queens Museum. Gift of Peter Warner.

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" Hawaii "   …  Vintage Pan Am Advertising

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" The Pineapple Gift — A Symbol of Friendship " 

History of the Pineapple:

" The Pineapple Gift — A Symbol of Friendship " 

History of the Pineapple:

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" Blue Paradise in Greece " 

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" The Hidden Island — Narrated by David Janssen "  …  David Janssen, star of the TV Series, “The Fugitive” [1963 - 1967] narrated this love story which was released in Fall 1965

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