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" The Gang’s All Here !! "  …. And having a good time at Marge’s ‘Three Little Pigs’ Bar in San Francisco [Circa 1945/6].

To see the whole album of 300 plus similar photos of Marge and her Sailor pals, go to the source here:  

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Yokosuka circa 1960

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" More Sailor Swag "

" Liberty Call, And All Ready To Go ! "

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" Sailors from the USS VIRGO AE-30 take liberty call to visit Olongapo, Philippines, in 1967.    …… This 8mm film has it all: the ship, the sailors, the beer, the girls, the bars, the fun, etc in Olongapo, PI and trust me, the place really was like what you see here [“been there, done that”] ….. Don’t miss the drunken sailors “trying” to dance at the 4:55 mark …. Hilarious stuff !!


" USS Blue Ridge in Hong Kong "   ….. On March 15, the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) arrived and anchored in Hong Kong harbor for a port visit.


More Happy Sailors !!

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