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The Ghostship par Torben Höhn.

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" Junk With Red Sails "


Ha Long Bay

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Happy to receive Honorable mention in the IPA Awards 2012 (International Photography Awards).

Entry Title: ” Water Sail”

Name: Ann Cutting, United States 
Category: Professional, Other_FA

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" Floating Village, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam " 

A misty morning on Cat Ba Island - the gateway to Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site - showcases a life lived entirely at sea.

Photographer:  Claire Fackler, NOAA/Marine Photobank [c]

From floating restaurants, to floating classrooms, these fishing communities spend their entire life living afloat in the often placid and protected waters of Ha Long Bay. 

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" Out of the Mist " 

" Out of the Mist " 

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To Infinity and Beyond 

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