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Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (Swedish, 1884-1965), Matroser [Sailors]. Oil on panel, 43.5 x 34.5 cm.

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"MR. BLAND AS THE OCEAN KING" — Theatrical illustration from the collection of the New York Public Library.

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" Rita " 

" Rita " 

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" Long Live The Queen "  

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Nautical Decals c.1950s (via)

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" Alpha to Zulu "  …  International Maritime Signal Flags


" Alpha to Zulu "  …  International Maritime Signal Flags


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" A Caravel "  …  Oil,  9” x 12”,  Signed:  Young   [No Date]

Sailor Gil’s Note:  I started my nautical collection at an early age.  In 1958, I was 11 years old and purchased this painting at an estate auction for 50 cents, which is all that I had in my pocket !


" Bernstein’s Fish Grotto "  …  San Francisco Landmark [1907-1981]


" Anchor and Mermaid " 

" Anchor and Mermaid " 

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Japanese Art: Launching Ceremony. Hide Kawanishi. 1962

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