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New York Harbor - art by Charley Harper

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" NYC "  …  Comic Book Cover Illustration by Artist:  David Nakayama


" Bird’s-Eye View of New York — 1874 "  …  Artist: John Bachmann

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" South Street Waterfront — Circa 1900 "

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" Illustrated Map of New York [Detail] "  ….  Artist:  Arthur Zaidenberg [No Date]

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" Clipper Ship Trade Cards "  …  Advertising [Circa 1850’s - 1860’s]


" Edward M Cotter — Fireboat "  ….  Buffalo Fire Department, NY

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I think I’ll take a drive out to Montauk and watch the sunrise one day soon

Photo credit: Tim McKusker

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" The Coney Island Mermaid Parade "  …. Presented by: Colin Wodehouse on Vimeo …. A very well done, 4-1/2 minute presentation of Coney Island scenes and some of the parade’s past participants.

This year’s 30th Anniversary Mermaid Parade is on Saturday, June 23rd and starts at 2PM.



Ships and Sailors “Double Up” in New York this Week !!

For all fans of ships and sailors, New York City is the place to be during the week of May 23 to 30 ….. You can “Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun” by visiting, since both ” Fleet Week 2012 “ and " OpSail 2012 " run concurrently during this week in New York.

OpSail 2012 Schedule: 

Fleet Week 2012 Info: 

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" The Ships of South Street Seaport "   ….. More info and photos here: 

" Fake Horse — Real Sailors "  …… Vintage (1940’s) Studio / Arcade Photo

"Racing Past Liberty" …… A tugboat race in New York harbor in the 1920’s….. Painting by Paul Bender