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" Russian Sailors in Shanghai — May 2014 "  …  Russian sailors take photographs of The Bund Financial Bull, a copy of sculptor Arturo Di Modica’s Charging Bull in New York City,


" U.S. River Gun Boats Monocacy and Pallas "  …  Shanghai [1930’s] 

These are the type of gun boats that inspired the story behind the book and movie, “The Sand Pebbles” [1966]

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Japanese Izumo-class armored cruiser in Shanghai, 1937.

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"The Bund At Shanghai "  ….  Chinese School Maritime Painting [Circa 1860]


" Little Chinese Sailors  —  Triple Play "  ….  Shanghai, 1933

" Little Chinese Sailors —  Triple Play "  ….  Shanghai, 1933

Sailors in Shanghai “  ….  American Boy Magazine, April 1929, Cover Artist: Harold Sichel

" Crow’s Nest Bar, Shanghai " …. Jake Holman (Steve McQueen) gets thirsty for a whiskey on his way upriver to find his ship, the San Pablo.

" Shanghai Liberty "


American sailors on shore leave sitting in a pedicab while their buddy tries to take their picture. Photograph by George Lacks. Shanghai, China, December 1945.

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" Man of War Row, Shanghai, China, 1939 " ….. Naval vessels from many countries are moored off the Bund in the Whangpoo River in Shanghai.  [These photos, when placed side-by-side, create a panoramic view of the river scene] 


"US Navy Cruise Jacket - 1947" ….. Vintage Embroidered Jacket Liner

"US Navy Cruise Jacket - 1947" ….. Vintage Embroidered Jacket Liner