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" Hamming It Up For The Camera "  …  It appears that these boys might have been out drinking before the visit to the photographer’s studio.

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" Triple Play " 

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" Swordplay "  …..  "Don’t you love it, Tom, when he pulls out his sword like that ?",  said the red-vested sailor to his shipmate.


Edited and re-captioned from the Original here:

" USS Constitution Crewmembers — Fleet Week 2012 "  ….  New York


" Uniform of the Day "  ….. Shipmates from the USS La Vallette (DD-448) ‘hanging out’ with the local islanders in 1944 …. When one is stuck on an island in wartime, the ‘Uniform of the Day’ is apparently, “whatever” !!

Shipmates 1950 -1954

Shipmates 1950 -1954

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” Pipe Smoking Sailor Buddies in Hawaii “ 

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