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" Typical Jack Tar Uniform During The Age Of Sail "  …  Circa 1800, Artist:  John A. Atkinson



Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (Swedish, 1884-1965), Matroser [Sailors]. Oil on panel, 43.5 x 34.5 cm.

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" Two Happy Sailors With Unsure Buddy "  

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" Barely Old Enough To Shave "   …  Vintage CDV

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" Shipmates " 

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Portrait of sailor, Portsmouth, NH, circa 1900 

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It is very rare to see a formal portrait of a Sailor wearing his wool knit Watch Cap

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Tons of Vintage Pics at Fuck Yeah Vintage Guys.

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" Fire Island Life Saving Service " 

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" Sailor William J. Baldwin, RN "  …  1940’s, UK

And here, as a civilian, many years later:

" Russian Sailors in Shanghai — May 2014 "  …  Russian sailors take photographs of The Bund Financial Bull, a copy of sculptor Arturo Di Modica’s Charging Bull in New York City,


" Boy Sailor "  …  Vintage Studio Portrait

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“Two Sailor Buddies” ….. Vintage Photograph [Circa 1910]

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" Bobby "  …  Vintage Hand Tinted Portrait


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" Shoot The Sun "  …  Shipboard instruction on using the Sextant [Circa 1890 - 1900]