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Pirates Have Feelings Too! (by wackystuff)

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" Mermaid Bookplate "  …  Artist:  Frederick Claude Vivian Lane [1880-1969], Australia


" The Fleet’s In "  …  Vintage Postcard, 1930’s


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Art by Charles Folkard (1920) “Magica.”

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Life, August 16, 1948

Although the scene on the opposite page looks as if it might be a Hollywood-conceived finale of Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore, it is actually the traditional leave-taking of the Portuguese training ship Sagres from New York City.  As the three-masted sailing vessel backed away from the pier, the most sure-footed of the 300 agile midshipmen clambered up on the spars and bowspit to wave goodby [sic] to America.  Their neat balancing act demonstrates that the Portuguese have lost none of the art of seamanship since the days of Vasco da Gama.

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" Sailor — USS Michigan "   …   Tintype Sailor Portrait

Original Tintype:  

" Zouzou "    …    [Allégret, 1934]. Jean Gabin sports the classic French naval uniform while Josephine Baker dons the pom-pom hat



Clovis Trouille. La Sirène. Atelier Pierre Imans. Paris

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" Mermaid Brooch "  …  Vintage Costume Jewelry, 1940’s, Signed: Eisenberg


" A Young Pipe Smoking Sailor "  …  Vintage Portrait  [Circa 1940’s]



1940s Vintage Children’s Book - Mammoth Book for Girls


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Submarine sailor sends semaphore signals.

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