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RMS Queen Elizabeth docking in New York sometime during the 1950s in the presence of SS Independence, SS America, SS United States, SS Olympia, the carrier USS Intrepid, RMS Mauretania, and RMS Sylvania.

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"  BFF  "  …  Illustration [1952] by Maurice Van Moppes

"  BFF  " …  Illustration [1952] by Maurice Van Moppes


" Sailor and His Honolulu Honey "  …  Vintage Studio Portrait



Hawk, 22 July, 1891. 

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" Hawaii "   …  Vintage Pan Am Advertising

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Nautical Decals c.1950s (via)

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" Two Buddies "  …  Vintage Photobooth

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" Serenade "  …  Vintage Sheet Music  [No Date]

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" A Caravel "  …  Oil,  9” x 12”,  Signed:  Young   [No Date]

Sailor Gil’s Note:  I started my nautical collection at an early age.  In 1958, I was 11 years old and purchased this painting at an estate auction for 50 cents, which is all that I had in my pocket !


" Danmark Under Golden Gate Bridge " 

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The ‘s’ from a beautiful series of illustrations of the alphabet by Charles Joseph Hullmandel 

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" Hamming It Up For The Camera "  …  It appears that these boys might have been out drinking before the visit to the photographer’s studio.

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" Triple Play " 

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