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" Two Buddies "  …  Vintage Photobooth

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" Serenade "  …  Vintage Sheet Music  [No Date]

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" A Caravel "  …  Oil,  9” x 12”,  Signed:  Young   [No Date]

Sailor Gil’s Note:  I started my nautical collection at an early age.  In 1958, I was 11 years old and purchased this painting at an estate auction for 50 cents, which is all that I had in my pocket !


" Danmark Under Golden Gate Bridge " 

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The ‘s’ from a beautiful series of illustrations of the alphabet by Charles Joseph Hullmandel 

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" Hamming It Up For The Camera "  …  It appears that these boys might have been out drinking before the visit to the photographer’s studio.

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" Triple Play " 

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" Boy Sailor "  …  Vintage Studio Portrait

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“Two Sailor Buddies” ….. Vintage Photograph [Circa 1910]

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" Sailor Wannabe "  …  A boy waiting to grow up. [1940’s]


" Bobby "  …  Vintage Hand Tinted Portrait


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Catspaw sailboat, unknown location, July 29, 1892


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Butterflies 80 years ago

A flock

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