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" Sailor Seagull "  …  Artist:  black-brd on DeviantArt




Chillin seagull.

Beautiful seagulls, lion of the air, king of animals, gracefullest of the fauna, almighty!

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" Griff’s On The Dock "   …   Waterside eatery in Port Orford, Oregon


" Moby "  


" Sea Secrets "  …  Artist:  Cristina Alonso (c)


" Abandoned Boat "  …  Mission Creek, San Francisco by Photographer:  Kristina Malsberger / SFGate


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Sailor FrankensteinOriginal acrylic painting on 290g acrylic paper created and signed by BwanaDevil.PRICE: 29,90 Euro, FREE SHIPPING!!!Available at our etsy shop or send us an e-mail to info@bwanadevil.comMeasurements:10,5 x 15,5 cm / 4 1/8” x 6 1/8”


Sailor Frankenstein
Original acrylic painting on 290g acrylic paper created and signed by BwanaDevil.

Available at our etsy shop or send us an e-mail to
10,5 x 15,5 cm / 4 1/8” x 6 1/8”

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" Union Jack "  …  New York City Ballet


" Baltimore — April 25, 26 & 27, 2014 "  



Charles F. Burns · SUNY Maritime College

Nice compilation of some mainly forgotten illustrations. A big part of reading those books was restraining from looking at the usually singular illustration in the book and before your parents said “lights out”, “granting yourself” one last look at the flyleaf (especially in TREASURE ISLAND) - that was your ticket to possible dreams about being a character in that book.

-Charles Burns

p.s. You do good work resurrecting what you present every week. Your title for the article, however, is unnecessarily crude. Potty-mouth is not cool - never was. For males (I am guilty) but really unattractive for females. Practical reason? I’d like to copy that to a grandson who is just learning to read, he doesn’t need to know “FU@# Yeah” yet.

Don’t denigrate your good work with false “saltiness”. A man with you eating fried food at the bar may laugh at your belches - does he say “I want to take this woman to a nice place…”. No. At best? He belches back. The social pig. OK, I’ll save you the “go screw yourself”, but think about it. Even your quick biography does you harm - to me it says “overweight, over-enthusiastic foul mouthed fan who ruins your night if she winds up sitting next to you and your family at a ball game. Hope I am wrong.

Again, don’t taint your work, which is obviously sensitive to things long forgotten except for these illustrations. In reality, they should be subjects of lectures in humanities courses at maritime schools. You should contact them - these are legacies long since lost and cadets may find them a pleasant break. God knows the maritime schools need people who know something about ships and the sea integrated into their Humanities courses. I’d recommend you.


Thank god I can rely on my loyal readers to deliver a staunch bollocking, the liberty-taking of which is usually reserved exclusively for family members.

I make no apologies whatsoever for failing to conform to your paleolithic stereotypes of femininity. You don’t know me, and your publicly espoused and derisive presumptions about my personality, appearance, and mannerisms are far more inappropriate than my referential use of the f-word in a post title.

Excuse the hell out of me for using adult language in a post on a site read BY SAILORS, who’s colorful and sometimes salty language is just as integral a part of nautical heritage as are feats of derring-do depicted in pretty pictures. Let’s not forget their rich legacy of drunkenness, violence, homosexuality, VD, and poor personal hygiene.

I see from your Facebook page that you hale from Brooklyn.  Now there’s a demographic famous for its social dexterity and genteel demeanor. Get back to your bingo, you geriatric troll.

As for ballgames… enjoy our glass-jawed sloppy seconds and better luck next year. (#hatersgonnahate) (#YankeesSUCK) (#GoSox)

Does the censorious Mr. Burns not know what an Exacto knife is utilized for?   If all of his ranting is due to a bit of “saltiness”,  that he cannot share the post with his grandson, then he went to a lot of time and trouble to “win friends and influence people”, and all without success.  Simple enough, in my opinion, to make a copy for his grandson and extract the “salty bits” via the aforementioned Exacto knife, in the first place.

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" On a Cloudy Day in San Francisco "  …  At the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard [1968]

Photo by:  Sailor Gil


" Schooners "  …  Hand Colored Silver Print [Unknown Photographer/No Date]


" Sails Brand Apples "  …  Vintage Fruit Crate Label  [Circa 1930’s]